19 March 2020

Notice to Solicitors: Covid-19

Difficulties Submitting applications where no medical report has been received

The PIAB Solicitors Portal was set up to facilitate the submission of completed applications (Application Form, treating doctors medical report and fee) and to deliver a more efficient and cost effective service.

A separate online application form is available if a solicitor wishes to submit an application form for the purposes of the Statute of Limitations where they are not in a position to submit a completed application. For access to the online form please go to https://form.piab.ie/Pages/Checklist.aspx.

With the on-going constraints caused by Covid-19 PIAB is aware that solicitors may be having difficulty obtaining medical reports from treating doctors. In the circumstances PIAB are prepared to waive the requirement for a treating doctors medical report when submitting a claim through the Portal. To this end and when submitting a claim through the Solicitors’ Portal simply click the “yes” option when asked if you have a medical report and then upload a letter in lieu of the medical report confirming that a medical report has been commissioned and will be forwarded to PIAB on receipt.

This is an interim arrangement and PIAB will revert to the normal operating procedures for the Portal when the current difficulties pass.

PIAB Solicitor Portal


In view of the on-going constraints caused by Covid 19 we would encourage as many solicitor’s firms  as possible to use the  Solicitors’ Portal.


Many firms are now registered to use PIAB’s Solicitors Portal.  Benefits of the Solicitors Portal include:  The ability to send correspondence to PIAB through the Solicitors Portal; Automated acknowledgement of the statute stopped date on submission of an application; access to real time information in relation to claims;  the facility to monitor the progress of claim applications; ready access to information to convey to clients;  and payment on account options. In addition if a claim is submitted through the Solicitors Portal the application fee is €45. If solicitors post new claim applications to the PIAB the cost is €90.

To register to use the Solicitor Portal please go to portal.piab.ie. For general information in relation to the portal please contact PIAB at solicitorportal@piab.ie.