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10 May 2021

Personal Injuries Guidelines


What are the Personal Injuries Guidelines?

The Personal Injuries Guidelines were published by the Judicial Council which is a body composed of all judges in Ireland.  They set new guideline levels for personal injury compensation awards in Ireland.  The commencement date for the Guidelines was Saturday 24 April, 2021. 

The Personal Injuries Guidelines deal with a wide range of injuries in terms of General Damages, which are the amounts awarded for pain and suffering in relation to an injury where someone else is at fault.  They do not cover Special Damages, which are costs like medical or travel expenses or compensation for loss of wages, resulting from an injury.

How do the Guidelines work?

The Personal Injuries Guidelines replaced the Book of Quantum in all personal injury claims following the commencement date.  They set guideline levels for the awarding of compensation by PIAB and the Courts.

The Personal Injuries Guidelines must be used by PIAB and the Courts in awarding compensation if a person successfully pursues a personal injury claim.  If PIAB or the Courts do not follow the guidelines in any case, they must give reasons.

When did they come into effect?

The new Personal Injury Guidelines were approved by the Judicial Council in early March 2021.  Legislation was passed to bring the Guidelines into effect and the Guidelines apply to all cases assessed by PIAB after the commencement date of April 24, 2021.

Where a claim was assessed before the  commencement date of the new Guidelines (24th April), it was assessed based on the Book of Quantum.