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17 June 2022

PIAB welcomes latest judgement

Second High Court judgement on Guidelines


The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) has welcomed the judgement of the High Court issued today in a case challenging an award made under the Personal Injuries Guidelines introduced last year.


Today’s judgement follows a previous judgement earlier this month, which found in favour of the Guidelines’ constitutionality and their application by PIAB.


The judgement issued today makes it clear that PIAB applied the Guidelines appropriately in this case and PIAB’s obligation to give reasons has been complied with.


This judgement, along with the earlier judgement, removes uncertainty and provides clarity on the application of the Guidelines.


The Personal Injuries Guidelines are a very important development in this area and PIAB anticipates that these two judgements will result in more cases being resolved through its non-adversarial claims resolution service, which removes avoidable costs and delivers fair awards, faster than litigation.