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The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) is Ireland’s independent state body for assessing personal injury claims.  By using the PIAB service, you Get similar compensation;  Better, because of its low cost; and Soon, because it is far quicker. 

We assess personal injury claims relating to motor, employer (workplace) and public liability accidents. We are fair and independent and we use the exact same Guidelines as the Courts.  Our time to resolve claims is almost 2 years quicker and our legal costs are 20 times less than those in litigation, according to research by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

How can I use the PIAB service?

If you are making a claim because you have suffered an injury and believe you are entitled to compensation, you can submit a claim to PIAB using the clear process here.  Links to all the claim application and medical forms are below.

If a claim is made against you  PIAB will send you all of the information we receive, so that will assist you in making a decision on how to proceed and you will be updated on the progress of our process. 

In our system the costs for claimants and for someone a claim is made against, are far lower than those in litigation.  The system is also far quicker than litigation.

Do I need a Solicitor to make a Claim through PIAB?

No, anyone can make a claim application directly by following this link or by printing the forms to send in via the post.  The process is a simple and clear one.

A completed application contains the following:

  • A completed application form which is submitted either online or using a printed form available  here
  • A completed medical report from the doctor who has treated you for your injury.  You can find the medical report template form here
  • Our application fee of €45 if you submit your claim online, or €90 if you submit your claim via post.

What are the Personal Injuries Guidelines?

The Personal Injuries Guidelines were published by the Judicial Council which is a body composed of all judges in Ireland.  They set new guideline levels for personal injury compensation awards in Ireland. Both PIAB and the Courts must use the Guidelines when determining compensation amounts, or give reasons for not doing so.  You can find information on the Personal Injuries Guidelines here.

Why is the PIAB process beneficial for everyone?

PIAB is an independent state body, that can assess claims fairly and impartially without the need to go to court. Our process is quicker and cheaper than litigation or going to court and offers similar compensation levels because PIAB uses the exact same guidelines as the Courts to calculate compensation.   This means that claimants can be fairly compensated without the extra time and costs of litigation or court. Reduced claims costs and award levels that are consistent with the personal injuries Guidelines, can help reduce the cost of insurance and benefit individuals and businesses who pay insurance premiums.

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