Medical professionals FAQs

One of my patients has asked me to complete a medical report on her behalf, which she intends to submit to PIAB as part of her claim. What should I do?

To initiate a claim, the Board requires Claimants to ask their treating doctor to complete our Medical Form. Please note no new medical examination is required. Please complete the form on the basis of the medical records you have on file for treatment to date. This report is used to form an initial view, whilst the Board in almost all cases arrange for a further medical examination by a relevant specialist/expert at a later date. This may also require a follow-up with your practice commissioned by the Board. Reasonable charges levied on the claimant for completing the Board's medical form will form part of the final award.

As the claimant's treating doctor, should I consult with an independent doctor instructed by PIAB?

Yes, if you receive a consultation request from an independent examining doctor PIAB will undertake to pay a reasonable consultation fee when requested.