Responding to a claim FAQs

What is the fee I pay to PIAB to have a claim against me assessed?

PIAB is a self-funded agency that relies on the fees from claimants and respondents to fund its operations and the valuable services that we provide.


Please note that from 11th  April, the fee payable by respondents (those a claim is made against) in order for the assessment of a claim by PIAB to take place will be €1,050.  This relates to all Formal Notices of Claim issued on or after 11th April 2022.  Any outstanding fees prior to this date remain at €600.


PIAB’s fees remain extremely low in comparison with the costs associated with litigation.  Typically, PIAB’s costs for processing claims are about 5% of the costs involved if claims go to litigation.

What if I don't agree to PIAB assessing a claim against me?

If you don't agree to an assessment, the claimant will be issued with an 'Authorisation,' which means that they can pursue their case against you through the Court system if they so wish.

Upon receipt of a 'Formal Notice' of claim you must respond to PIAB in writing within 90 days, from the date of the 'Formal Notice,' indicating that you do not agree to us assessing a claim against you.

Download the claim application form