Glossary of Terms

The following is a list of regularly used terms during the claims process.


The amount of damages awarded to a claimant by PIAB once a case has been fully reviewed.


This issues to the claimant so that they can pursue their claim through the Courts system if they so wish. An authorisation is usually issued if an assessment has been rejected by either party or if the respondent declines to allow the claim to proceed from the outset.

Book of Quantum

The Book of Quantum is a guide to compensation levels for particular injuries.

Claim Application Form

The documentation that a claimant is required to complete before a claim can be assessed.


The person claiming for compensation.


A tool developed by PIAB to estimate the amount of damages likely to be received depending on the extent of injuries suffered.

Formal Notice

Correspondence received by a respondent from PIAB when an application for compensation is made against them by a claimant.

General Damages

Damages to cover pain and suffering from injuries sustained by the claimant in an accident.

Independent Medical Examination

A review of a claimant’s injuries or medical condition carried out by an independent medical practitioner. PIAB usually appoints medical practitioners as required.

Loss of Earnings

The amount of money lost by a claimant due to their inability to work because of injuries sustained in an accident.

Medical Report

A form detailing the extent of injuries and treatment, which is submitted to PIAB by a claimant. The treating doctor best placed to describe the nature and extent of injury should complete the report.


Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland. The entity that deals with claims from victims of accidents by uninsured and unidentified vehicles.


Personal Injuries Assessment Board; the official name of our organization when it was established in 2003.

Processing Fee

The amount due to be paid by a claimant and submitted along with a claim application form and medical report before a claim can be assessed. The processing fee is currently €45.


The person or entity against which a claim is being made.

Special Damages

Damages covering loss of earnings, medical expenses, out of pocket expenses and vehicle damage costs as a result of an accident.

Treating Doctor

A doctor who has treated the claimant in respect of the injuries sustained.