Personal Injuries Assessment Board

PIAB is Ireland’s independent State body which assesses personal injuries compensation in a timely and cost-efficient manner. PIAB assesses compensation in respect of personal injuries suffered by people in motor accidents, work place accidents and public liability accidents. All personal injury claims must come through PIAB, unless settled early between claimants and insurers/respondents.

Under the legislation which established PIAB, medical negligence claims are not included in the accidents which may be submitted  to us for assessment.  For details of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Acts, as amended, click on our Forms and Guidelines Section . PIAB has assessed more than 130,000 cases since it was set up in 2004 and over 60 per cent of claimants have accepted its assessments.  Our model has very low processing costs and is far quicker than litigation. For information on our processing costs and average time to assess claims, please see the front page of this site where there are key statistics and links, and our corporate publications section. 

Eolas trí mheán na Gaeilge


Claims may be resolved by: direct settlement between the parties, a PIAB assessment, or litigation. Court decisions ultimately determine overall damages levels, and the PIAB model preserves the constitutional right of access to the courts. Information for claimants and those whom a claim is made against (respondents) is at these links:

Making a claim

Responding to a claim

Claimants can deal with PIAB directly or choose to engage the services of a solicitor to deal with us on their behalf – however, they generally must bear any associated legal costs.


This website aims to provide clear, factual and easy-to-access information for those making a personal injury claim (claimants),  those a claim has been made against (respondents), and medical professionals and solicitors, and all stakeholders and interested persons.

We publish transparent information, the most comprehensive available in relation to personal injury claims in Ireland. By publishing this data, and because its model results in more predictable costs of claims, PIAB contributes to a more efficient personal injuries compensation system in Ireland. Here is a link to our statistics section.