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11 December 2008 welcomes Publication of new Law Society Guidance on Attendance at Medical Examinations for Personal Injury Claimants

The Chief Executive of, Patricia Byron, today (Thursday, 11th December 2008) welcomed the publication by the Law Society of a Practice Note for solicitors which recognises the obligations on their clients to attend medical assessments for all personal injury claims.

Commenting, Ms. Byron said: "Failure to attend for medical examinations can have a significant impact on personal injury awards and increases the likelihood of artificially low awards being rejected by claimants in favour of unnecessary and very costly Court proceedings.

"Having identified this as a potentially serious public interest and consumer issue I am very pleased with the Law Society's response in the form of a Practice Note to its members. I am especially pleased that the Practice Note has stated unequivocally that attendance at medical appointments is in the claimant's best interests. This is an important outcome for consumers and reflects a very positive and collaborative approach by both our organisations on this matter" Ms. Byron added.

Medical appointments are arranged by as part of its personal injury claim assessment process and are vital to ensuring the appropriate compensation award is made by the Board, based on all available medical information. In the case of claimants with legal representation, medical examination attendance requirements are communicated via their solicitors.