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How to make a claim

If you have suffered an injury and believe you are entitled to compensation, you must submit a claim to us.

Using our organisation's services means much lower legal costs and you will receive a resolution that is far quicker than litigation. Because our process is non-adversarial, there is much less stress. The timeline for assessment of a claim by our organisation in most cases is 9 months. This is from the time we receive consent from the person or organisation the claim is against.  In contrast, the litigation or courts process can take more than 4 years, according to Central Bank research.

The five steps for making a claim to are:

Step One

Fill out a claim application form online OR complete and send one to us by post or email.

By filling in this form, you are then referred to as the Claimant.

Do ensure to include a copy of your medical report from your doctor, and the processing fee. For applications using the online form, the fee is €45.  For forms submitted by post or email the processing fee, is €90.

  • Paper forms: If you are not using the online form, you can download our application form and medical form on our website here.  

Step Two

We will notify the Respondent of your claim (the Respondent is the person or organisation your claim is against) The Respondent, usually represented by an insurance company, then must agree to the assessment of your claim. The majority of respondents agree to this. This will take a maximum of 90 days.

If the Respondent does not agree to a claim being assessed by our organisation, you are issued with an authorisation to take your claim through the court system, should you so wish.

Step Three

Our organisation may then arrange for you to have an independent medical examination. The reason for this is so that we have an accurate picture of all of your injuries and the expected time of recovery. Independent medical examinations are arranged In relation to most claims.

Step Four

We will then assess the monetary value of your claim (this is called compensation) covering the compensation for pain and suffering a result of the injury.

We will ask for receipts for out-of-pocket expenses you have had and for proof of loss of earnings incurred as a result of your injury, and that is additionally included in the compensation that we assess.

Step Five

You and the Respondent both receive a Notice of Assessment which sets out the compensation we have assessed for the injury. This will include the compensation for pain and suffering and the payment for out-of-pocket expenses. The Respondent has 21 days to accept the assessment and you, the claimant, has 28 days.

Where both parties accept the amount of compensation, our organisation issues a document called an Order to Pay, instructing the Respondent to pay the sum we have awarded. This Order to Pay has a similar status to a court order. Following that, the Respondent issues a settlement cheque.

If either you or the Respondent reject the assessment by then we will issue you with an authorisation which  allows you to take your claim through the court system should you so wish.  If that happens, the case leaves our organisation.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have to make the claim?

 In most instances you need to make your claim within 2 years of the accident. It is recommended you submit your application form, the fee as set out above, and medical report within this time period

Further Help

  • The Rules for the PIAB process are available here.
  • If you have further queries, please refer to the frequently asked questions below or alternatively contact our Service Centre on 0818 829 121.
  • All of the forms associated with making a claim are available here.